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Our Cause

People For Paws. These three words describe the very reason we’ve come together and formed this group,

the very essence of our motivation and core.

We’re a group of young animal enthusiasts from multiple universities, institutes, cities. What started out as a single initiative of helping stray animals by one of us has now expanded into a bunch of initiatives and a steadily expanding accumulation of members pulling up their socks to work toward achieving the objectives set along the way.

It’s heart dropping to see so many little ones either get killed in a roadkill or succumb to ill health. The will to change this situation was what drove the desire to establish this group in the first place. Our heart goes out to them and we are sure it was the same for a lot of other people.

We campaign for animal rights. We campaign for their well-being. We campaign for their respectful sustenance. Just because we may fail to understand their language doesn’t mean we have to fail in serving them over all.

We attempt at spearheading, in India, a movement characterized by destigmatization of the ‘animal life.’ One of our main goals is to accentuate the correlation between the human and the animal psychology.

We welcome anyone who possesses will to making the lives of the four-legged, the winged, the tailed a tad better.

We raise funds for all the groundwork by selling the following products. Help Us! Help Them!

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